Growth Consulting & Coaching Solutions KIT

Identify & implement the 7 key TOOLS and STRATEGIES that high-performance SME consultants and coaches are using to market, sell and deliver results to their clients while growing their consulting & coaching practices.

  1. Create your #1 sales tool for enrolling clients to high-ticket offers
  2. Design your attraction tool (to stand out in the sea of other business coaches)
  3. Identify your target client profile and match your million dollar message
  4. Engineer your high-converting sales system (without a system, your sales game is a bit all over the place)
  5. Design your profitable coaching system
  6. Branding kit: create a brand that attracts the right clients
  7. Online Coaching Technology kit: list of the best tools to grow your online B2B consulting & coaching practice
+ BONUS: one key element to building a successful growth consulting & coaching company you probably are overseeing right now.
+ LIVE CALLS: get your invitation to our next live call where you can ask your questions and get direct coaching from us at Avenue.

Hi, I’m Tiina. I’m the founder of Avenue; a business growth consulting & coaching company for ambitious leaders.

I’m a Business Modeling Expert, Growth Engineer, Systems Specialist, and an IT geek. I’m also a Finn living in Sweden, Mother, Wife, Incurable Visionary, and a Spainholic.

I’ve been in IT & Management consulting, product development, sales, and marketing for over 20 years, and built several international brands and businesses.



#1 sales tool to enroll clients to high-ticket offers

This tool is elementary in case you want to attract clients who are willing to pay premium prices.

Client attraction tool

Lead magnets are probably working okayish for you, but this tool helps you accelerate your results immediately.

Identify your target client profile and match your million dollar message

Identify exactly what you need to know about your target audience, where you should start and how you expand from there.

High-converting sales system

Identify the sales system that enables high-performance coaches and consultants enroll 90% of their prospects.

Design your profitable coaching system

Your clients don’t want random tips – they want you to guide them from A to Z. With a proven system you will be able to deliver consistent results for your clients.

Brand that attracts

Brand building is far more than a pretty logo and a tagline – you need to create a brand that attracts the right prospects to you. Get the branding kit to design your attractive brand!

Online Coaching Technology kit

Every business coaching company needs to use tools to attract, sell and deliver results. Get a list of the best tools for business coaches & consultants who want to work remotedly and serve people internationally!


The key element to building a successful business coaching & consulting practice. This element is understood and used by larger consulting & coaching firms, but totally neglected by small companies. Implement this and stay ahead of your competition.

I have had the opportunity to work with Tiina and I value her never-ending capability and performance. She is extremely result-focused with great social competence why she skillfully can engage teams to achieve objectives. She is passionate about her roles and tasks, her drive and entrepreneurship is a strength I admire. I would anytime and without a doubt hire Tiina again and strongly recommend her capability.

Patrick Winther
Head of ICT Service Operations at Tieto Corporate

I have hired Tiina as my private coach, and this has been well-invested money. Tiina has quickly understood my situation and guided me forward to feel good and able to lead my company forward.

Mariana Ramselius
CEO & Interior Architect at Silander Holst S.L

I have attended a lot of different educations during my time as business leader. What Tiina does with the Avenue Program is that it connects the dots to make the picture complete. This is unique. I’m really excited to see how our results will improve in the future.

Barbro Axelsson

CEO at Durewall Institutet